6,000 DREAMS: The Leader’s Guide to a Successful Business Transformation Journey

There comes a time in the life cycle of any business where transformation becomes inevitable. Calling on his 25 years of experience leading Myrtle Consulting Group, Edwin Bosso’s business transformation system helps leaders discover the soul of their organization to identify the values that will lead to a successful transformation.

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About The Author

Edwin Bosso

Founder and CEO of Myrtle Consulting Group, Edwin Bosso is a foremost specialist in operations improvement and change management. Working with some of the largest brands in the world—Kellogg, AB InBev, and Abbott to name a few—Edwin’s methods are proven to help leaders enact the change they want to see in their business.

The Book

6,000 Dreams

6,000 Dreams is a two-part journey guided by leading change management expert, Edwin Bosso. Edwin begins by laying out the common problems that leaders deal with when trying to transform their business, focusing on the things that impact organizational effectiveness most. The second part of Edwin’s book details his proven techniques, making the concepts adaptable for any leader and their unique struggles.

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Edwin Bosso’s assessment is an interactive tool designed to help top decision makers determine whether they are prepared to lead their business through an transformative phase while providing those leaders with the insights they need to succeed. Edwin’s assessment provides clarity around critical business functions and ultimately reveals your readiness as a leader and uncovers the soul of your organization.

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After helping some of the world’s most significant brands transform their business, Edwin Bosso is sharing the principles and practices that have made him an industry leader. With Edwin’s advice and interactive workshops, your organization can improve leadership, processes, management systems, organizational structure, technology, and decision making structure in order to chart a new way forward.