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Turning Operational Challenges into Organizational Success

6,000 Dreams Book Cover

6,000 Dreams: The Leader’s Guide to a Successful Business Transformation Journey

For any business to survive—and thrive—the ability to manage change and successfully transform your organization is paramount to the long-term viability of the enterprise. While change management has always been a broad topic of discussion among leaders, Edwin Bosso has been living and working in the transformation trenches for 25 years.

This must-read, best selling book not only imports the stories and knowledge Edwin’s gained over the course of his career, but adds Edwin’s unmatched perspective. He has a worldview that has coalesced around being a global citizen and thinker, as someone who seeks deeper meaning, always drilling to bedrock in search of truth. It’s this inquisitive mindset that sets 6,000 Dreams into motion, challenging leaders to do the hard work of introspection in order to discover the truth that lies beneath the noise and facade of their current predicament. Before the journey of transformation begins, Edwin advises, leaders must identify the soul of their organization, and accept that soul—good and bad—before change can occur.

Once assured that clarity is achieved, 6,000 Dreams sets out to correct the operational aspects thwarting progress while amplifying the parts of the company’s soul that make it distinct and successful. From here, Edwin makes the case for transformation, exploring optimal reasons for transformation including a shifting competitive landscape, the pursuit of innovation, expansion efforts, shifting economic conditions, or simply underperformance.

The second leg of the transformation journey is one motivated by action, focusing on optimizing the organizational framework of your business, ensuring execution and implementation are met with full buy-in from all stakeholders, the commitment to improvement remains constant, and that once implemented, leaders and team members alike are measuring the right metrics for lasting success.

All told against the backdrop of Edwin’s well-traveled and thoughtful upbringing, the business lessons in 6,000 Dreams are relatable, actionable, and adaptable to any context in which a leader might find themselves. It’s the value-add your business bookshelf needs!