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Edwin Bosso is the founder, senior partner, and CEO of Myrtle Consulting Group and a leading expert in business transformation and change management. Over the course of his nearly three decades in the industry, Edwin has worked with some of the most recognized brands on the planet including Kellogg, AB InBev, Abbott, Morton Salt, Heineken, and T-Mobile. His journey to consulting success is a unique combination of hard work, chance, and a passion for communication.

Born in Ivory Coast, Edwin was one of five children. He was raised by his mother Denise and his father N’Guetta, a scientist. Edwin divided his early years between his home country, the United States, Brazil, and Mexico while his father earned a Ph.D. As a result of this globetrotting, Edwin was fluent in three languages by the age of eleven. By the time he was ready for college, Edwin chose to spend two years learning Dutch so that he could earn his bachelors at The Hague Polytechnic in the Netherlands in the native language. Edwin would go on to earn his MBA at Rice University in Houston. He had not considered consultancy as a profession until a classmate suggested that his superior language skills would be useful within the industry.

Edwin began his consulting career at Peter Chadwick in London. He went on to manage the operations arm of the CPG sector at Celerant Consulting before founding Myrtle Consulting Group. He believes he was “driven by the stubborn conviction that our type of consulting is a calling to make clients better than they ever thought they could be.” His passion for different cultures has allowed him to succeed in countries on five continents.

Edwin’s homebase is in Houston with his wife Edith and their four children. He coaches youth soccer and is a passionate fan of Chelsea Football Club.

Edwin at his desk

“I went into my consulting career driven by the belief that our only competition is the challenges our clients face and that our success is determined by our ability to help them overcome.”